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You can start reading the next "Song of Ice and Fire" book now


Although George R.R. Martin’s “The Winds of Winter” probably won’t be published until at least 2016, you can actually start reading it now: Complete transcripts (or long excerpts) of five early chapters have been made publicly available, in one place or another,* over the past year.

I’ve linked…


Yes. I am white.
No. I am not homophobic.
Or sexist.
Or racist.
Neither do I drink Starbucks and go shopping everyday.
I am not rich.
I don’t turn away from coloured people or shun them ever.
My life is not perfect but I don’t over dramatize everything either.
I don’t discriminate and I do not think different is bad.
And yet everything I say is “offensive”
I am white.
But I am also human.